Natural Mawsynram Honey 500gm
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Aranyam's Mawsynram Natural Honey is sourced from the luxuriant Mawsynram forests. Not many have heard of Mawsynram...... both Mawsynram and Cherrapunji villages are located on the southern slopes of Khasi hills in the N-E and receive the maximum rains in the world. Mawsynram Honey has an equally exotic flavour of flora of the region as Cherrapunji Honey. The honey crystallizes easily and is sometimes creamy in texture. The taste and composition of this pure honey can vary depending upon the flowers in bloom at that point of time. Many times honey crystallizes. Simply stand the jar in the sun or in hot water for a few minutes to remove the crystals. Overheating can damage the enzymes. Mawsynram honey is of high quality and each batch is tested for purity. Also, when you buy our products you are contributing towards the sustainable livelihood of the Tribes of the region.

  • Source of nectar is from pesticide free Mawsynram forests where flora are in abundance
  • Minimal processing to retain nutritive benefits of honey
  • No sugar feeding
  • Nature's energy booster, good for health, skin and hair
  • Natural, delicious....a healthy alternative to white sugar