Natural Anti Wrinkle Face Pack 30gm
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  • Natural ingredients formulation for both men and women
  • Beneficial for all types of skin
  • It lessens the effect of sun damage and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Regular use has a toning effect, leaving the skin soft and glowing
  • Natural, non perfumed and chemical free

Aranyam's Spirulina Neem face mask is made from natural ingredients and is beneficial for all types of skin. Mix 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of the pack with rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste to clean skin all over the face and upper neck gently in circular movements. Keep for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with water and follow with your daily moisturizer. Spirulina Neem face pack has a triple action - it cleanses, relaxes and nourishes the skin. Regular use of the face pack smoothens wrinkles, gives firmness, elasticity and softness to the skin. Experiment and see what suits your skin by making the paste with honey instead of rose water or add aloe vera juice. Our skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, UV damaging rays, chemicals and air conditioning. Over an extended period of time, the skin becomes more vulnerable to damage. A perfect answer to this is Aranyam's Spirulina Neem Face Mask. It is completely natural with no chemicals or fragrance. If you have a sensitive nose, please note the pack has odour of sea algae, which diminishes as the pack starts drying.